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Award Winning Children's Author


Author Laura Bullock

My writings include children's picture books, poetry, and short stories.

Javelina Pillows

Working together to bring comfort to your Javelina bedtime story.

A great artisan creates these lovely pillows based out of Arizona.

Check out her site here: Have2Javs

Enjoy as you read along with The Traveling Javelinas

New Award!

2019 Children’s Literary Classics Silver Award


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World Kindness Day

Be a part of World Kindness Day.

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Literary Classics Seal of Approval



Honored to be recognized.
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Purple Dragonfly Award!

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So excited to announce: The Traveling Javelinas has been named 1st Place Winner in the Purple Dragonfly Children’s Picture Book 5 and Younger e-Book Category!

Rough sketch of new book!


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Readers’ Favorite

Thanks Readers’ Favorite for the 5 star Review of The Traveling Javelinas.

“Rondi Kutz makes the story even more captivating with her wonderful illustrations which are bright and colorful. They breathe life into the characters, and the maps will give readers an idea about the route to the mountains in Northern Arizona. The story is good to help children experience the beauty of snow. Stories like this are good for bedtime storytelling and can be used for reading aloud sessions in classrooms and school libraries. It is the best way to introduce children to new things in a fun and interactive way. The story also introduces youngsters to a new kind of animal (the javelinas), traveling to new places, writing rhyming verses, and doing things as a family.”                            -M. Madhavan

100 Years of Children’s Book Week

Celebrate by reading a new book!huge.jpg

Print Version of my Interview with Voyage Phoenix

I am so honored to have been featured for my work as A Children’s Picture Book Author. Here is the print version I received the other day!


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