His steely eyes scanned the horizon for anything. All that could be seen was the burning of flesh, ground and debris. There was no more life before him. The battle it seemed had won nothing but his fear. Destruction had become his world, the burning embers like a warm blanket. Days had turned quickly into years since the first bombing took his family and childhood. Aslain had been searching for assurance and yet he held fast to his trepidation.
    To recall a time when Tredot was green and lush with vegetation and life seems to be impossible. The land was divided not only by ash but by two tribes that were both fighting to survive.
    The Tredotians were warriors and the Chalcovs were scientists. Both tribes had been battling for decades on a land that the Tredotians took from their neighboring Chalcovs. Always it has been this way between the Tredotians and Chalcovs.
    The Chalcovs had been researching and testing the vital elements to be able to sustain life on Tredot once again. Since the battlefield had taken over, nothing had grown from the land. Craters held no more than trelie particles and the remains of Tredotians and Chalcovs alike. A hybrid of Chalcov erluce and lichion plants have successfully produced a new and thriving life force to potentially feed all tribes on Tredot. Artificial substances have kept them going but only barely.
    Will the leaders of Tredot allow the Chalcovs to regenerate the land with their new found plants? Years of fighting and prejudice may stop the progress from saving both tribes. Dylathe was the key-for if he could convince the Tri-Lise then all would be saved for a blessed future. (The golden-orbs of the Desyn Ridge predicted this moment).
    Aslain knew only of the warrior ways of his tribe. Death, fighting, and power seemed endless, yet he didn’t enjoy it as much as other Tredotians. Aslain was deep in thought when Dylathe cried out to him, “Aslain, let’s not defend our separation any longer. I fear for us all- your tribe and mine-we will not survive unless we can regain the plants of our lands.” Aslain listened as he and a few others only remained after the last firebomb of destruction. “Dylathe, I hear your cry and true cannot deny our plight. What can I do among what we both know is certain? How can I change what is and always will be?” Aslain exclaimed.
    Dylathe knew that reasoning was null. At least they were talking if only through shouts across the free zone of the Desyn Ridge. Here there was no fighting but just an empty open trough dividing what was once green and harmonious space. Tredot became the battlefield of these two tribes after both their planets had simultaneously been destroyed by the expansion and explosion of Meteor Rains in Sector 3.
    Before their arrival, the planet had been monitored for decades. Both Tredotians and Chalcovs escaped their planets to land on Planet Dexla. (Tredot as it is now known). Tredotians claimed it on the south side first before discovering that the Chalcovs were simultaneously on the same side experimenting and growing various life forms in bacteria and land vegetation. Once discovered, the battle between the two tribes had destroyed not only the new life, but the greenery native to the planet itself.
    Tredotian lust for power and control overshadowed their reasoning and belief of future preservation, peace, or scientific value. Chalcovs were weak and not to be trusted as they could create some attack weapon with their “science” or so Tredotians all believed. Chalcovs were always more interested in botany than in mind/body control and their experiments were purely to provide sustenance for their tribe as well as for future generations.
    Besides temperament, the difference in looks between the Tredotians and Chalcovs was stature. Both were light in flesh color a sort of grayish blue with pronounced large eyes and thin slits along each side of their heads to hear. Their mouths were small slits like those on the side of their heads. Tredotians were taller and muscular overshadowing Chalcovs by 2 feet in height. Chalcovs hands were webbed and they moved quicker than their Tredotian warriors.
    Suspicion and fear motivated the Tredotians all these years to try and destroy the Chalcovs and their way of life. But now that there was nothing left to ingest, there was no choice but to try another way for the survival of Tredot as a whole.
    The Tri-Lise had called a ri (a 40 day rest of non-violence). After the last burn out nearly destroyed everything, it was time for a change. The Tredotians had conquered and covered the land, but at what cost to Tredot? What use was it to be masters of a planet doomed to die of their own hands? There was nothing left to overtake and now their survival was at stake. The Tri-Lise consisted of 2 Tredotians and 1 Half-Breed Tredochalv. There wasn’t much intermingling between the two tribes and a Tredochalv was a rarity.
    Dylathe was on his way to visit the council not knowing that Aslain was as well. “Come Dylathe”, Aslain shouted. “I see you follow my lead as if you can’t escape me.”  Dylathe proudly answered back, “It is truth in that Aslain, I do head north to seek the Tri-Lise as leader of my tribe.”
    Aslain almost chuckling responded, “Ah then my most hated friend, we will find our way apart, as I care not to have you by my side.” And with that, Aslain cut up the dried river side through the burnt Woodland of Tinsadt to the pass above.
    Dylathe continued on the straight road not daunted by Aslain’s words. How could they ever be more than warrior and scientist, opposed at every side and always resentful?  They both knew that the Tri-Lise would decide the fate of Tredot.
    Aslain wondered to himself how the weak tribe of Chalcovs could sustain life for the future and with that he moved forward leaving Dylathe far behind. Upon reaching the tip of Mount Stine, Aslain gazed upon the woods that now charcoal, were once lush and green. With his own eyes he saw the destruction all around him and for the first time ever, it caught his breath.

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