Stand In Time

The world keeps on moving, as mine has stood still in silence.

Bustling to get around me as if I were a boulder atop the falls.

It seems unsettling that I can’t just freeze it all like a timekeeper’s watch so the winding would be mine alone.

Moving along with the crowd that keeps pushing.

Interned alone lost.

Some reason I’m here still.

Waiting to be gone.

Snap of Cold

As quick as a blink,
the chill comes in.

Winter’s vest
enclosed invisible.

Soon through wind and cold
you smile.

Unlike the dawn upon my brow.

Gone too quick was the fall.

Now only chapped
Crystal water
Season of slumber
Time capsuled
Crackle to frozen

Falling Away

As the turn of Autumn burns out the leaves,
So I feel the change inside like none other.

Gone are so many things and questions are left.

Today it is warm when it should be colder.

Nothing can turn back the time that is.

I watch the gold change from green soon to brown.

Falling away
as I am.

Amidst the two

Tougher days have come and gone
But strength beneath falls short

Few that speak
know the peace they bring

Tomorrow starts again

Today I breathe within



If time stood still as a statue,
Would I still exist here with you?

If nothing could change the hour,
Would I find something anew?

If truth never left the sidelines,
Would I believe all said is true?

Voyage Farther

Voyage Farther than your dreams.

Follow down behind the dusk.

Let your heart not lead away.

Find nothing to hide your ride.

Voyage Farther than today.

Keep your joys alive with goals.

Travel deeper into dawn.

Voyage Farther than beyond.


You left your thumbprint
on my side

I touched your foot
in spots of white

We thought we’d never
be entwined

But something forceful
pushed us tight

When nothing else
but worlds of wonder

The place of sunshine
forged us together

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