Moves everything.

It can be gentle


Rip out a new path.

Sending seed pods far along.

Welcoming in still heat.

The breeze against my cheek.

What Is Here

A sun before it rises is always near.

A smile that is shining is hidden by a tear.

A friend is closest when he cannot be found.

A face stands out even lost in a crowd.

An eye can see what is not there.

A feeling lasts if it is shared.

A heart  beats on when it is dead.

A love is forever even in the end.









Forever Connected

You bring the best

From deep within.


I am

Unabashed by it.

I never believed

It could be like they say.

Feeling a shift

as though

We’ve done this before.

Together again

Lasting as we can

Forward today

Forever in total

Connected souls

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