Reading Foundation

According to The Reading Foundation: “Babies, toddlers and preschoolers learn best by imitation and gentle repetition. Hundreds of repetitions in a safe, supportive environment with people they love and trust. When you read, talk and play with a purpose with children beginning at birth, you help shape their networks of neurons.”
Read together, learn together, share together.
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School Librarians

School Library Month (SLM) is the American Association of School Librarians’ (AASL) celebration of School Librarians and their programs.

We celebrate those who aid us in research, recommendations, in finding new information or just suggesting a new book.

Today, in a digital age, many resources are overlooked. School Librarians are the start of sparks of wonder to encourage young readers. Their knowledge and help can never truly be replaced.


Winter Reflection

Celebration, somberness, sickness, love. Good and bad things, memories, and flu season is among us.

This is still my favorite time of the year. Giving and caring are emphasized more, as it should.

That is all just thoughts of love today.

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