Sister Unknown

Betty Sue and Bobby Sue were twins who never knew. They lived apart right from the start and shared the same events each year.

They grew an inch and lost a tooth and lived each day without any fear.

At 23 they married their first husbands and lived the life of steadfast love and marital duties.

All they did in parallel without the truth that another was in tune.

Some years flew by and husbands of 2 until they found the path that led them to each other.

A miracle, a mystery, a mirror of each other to see. They wondered much but not too long as they lost such time already.

The choice was simple and happened instantly. To live together from that moment they met and each day until old age came knocking.

They shared such laughter and love that grew more than they had ever imagined. The best of friends even so far apart didn’t break the bond of birth.

Soon the reaper was near and they were ready to depart. Betty Sue and Bobby Sue held their hands together and with grit and might died in each other’s arms, just as they first started.

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