I have no words

Since Mom passed, I seem to not have any words to share. Grief counselor says to journal, people say to write to help. But my creativity for writing and my love of it has been put on hold. Writing also for work has seemed to be ok. But since I write all the time this is the one time and one thing I cannot write about.

How can I put into sentences the hole and emptiness and sadness I have? I cannot.
So for now I am speechless in the written form.

The best of me has been taken and I am empty because of it.
Please all that follow me on this blog, bear with me as I face the turn of my life into never being the same.

The words I hope will return but until then…

….I will seek the beauty in little things, enjoy the laughter of children, and be there for those who need me as I have needed them.

Blessings all,

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