When Loved Ones Pass On

This has been a difficult week filled with happiness and sadness. The happiness was spending time with my Mother and enjoying a bonding time with her and Rod and I climbing up a mountain top!

The sadness this week came in two shocks of losing Rod’s cousin and then a close friend of our’s young daughter.

Facing death is something we know will happen. It is never easy though, when we have someone taken from us because of it.

But when is it that a life ending isn’t a surprise? Not knowing the time, day, month, hour is a part of living and then suddenly you go. Sometimes suffering makes the inevitable end worse, but the knowing it is because of a disease, or old age, or a specific reason, almost makes it seem less surprising.

Those of us left behind mourn the loss of the bond whether friendship or family. All of the potential memories together that will no longer be possible mixed with the past memories (good and bad) come crashing down upon us.

Not knowing how to react or feel even in the sadness is something I had to acknowledge. I needed to write something down to pay tribute to our family member and dear friend. They are loved and with them gone this world will be noticeably different. Their lives touched those who knew them so positively and even more than they both probably realized.

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